Maison Objet in Paris – meet artist Emma!

Chers parisien, chères parisiennes, this weekend be ready for Maison Objet, a big design trade show in Paris with more than 3,000 exhibitors from all over the world. ArtyCity meets one of the artist exhibiting, Emma Godebska.

frame copy

photo – courtesy of the artist

Born in France to a family of artists, Emma trained in London and counts professional experiences in Paris in the jewelry industry for the likes of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Loulou de la Falaise. Following various trips and adventures, Emma is back in the south of France, Nimes.

Her artworks combine different materials and techniques: found materials, photography, wood, metal, plastic, paint, magazine bits, and the like, that Emma uses to create a surreal world assemblies and abstract shapes; also, she’s fascinated by all surface techniques: printing, patination, etching, oxidizing. “For me, creating art is about passing on emotions. I think that art is like a door to the unconscious, it allows the viewer to sink into his own feelings. Great art is one that touches people, that doesn’t leave the viewer indifferent.”

Emma was one of the finalists for the 2014 Generation Awake competition in Brussels which promotes smart choices in our daily life to save water, energy and other natural resources, and reduce waste.

courtesy and © of teh artist

photo – courtesy of the artist


For the competition, I presented the MEMORABILIA, an installation on the theme of memories and old times. The pieces are made with old and broken found objects trapped in wire that symbolizes the web of time. The frames represent windows to the unconscious. Each object has a story and they generate memories and emotions. I have been working on this project since I left London two years ago. It is very dear to me, because I weave my own stories into each frame. It shows that what could be discarded by most people may still have some value, some use for others. Even when things are old and obsolete they still have some importance. I find that we live in a society that disrespects what is old, and it’s a pity. Generation Awake competition promotes similar values. I was very proud to have been selected!”


courtesy and © of the artist

courtesy and © of the artist

At the Maison Objet in Paris, Emma will be an invited artist at the stand of Louis-Marie Planquette, a French artist who works on objects memory.

photo - courtesy of the artist

photo – courtesy of the artist

We share the same passion for what is old and broken” says Emma, “and I like his way to show the poetry of it all in his lights. Together we have been working on a couple of design projects; it was a wonderful artistic collaboration”.

A few of her MEMORABILIA will also be shown.




Rendez-vous on 5 – 9 September 2014 at:

Maison Objet

Paris Nord Villepinte

LMP, stand G13/H14, section Ateliers d’art De France, Hall 5


POPPOSITIONS – the contemporary art fair in Brussels

Bec Zmiana, PL

Bec Zmiana, PL

more photos here

What is the burgling of a bank compared to the founding of a new bank?” – It’s with this quote from Bertolt Brecht that POPPOSITIONS opens its third edition. Conceived as an experiment with the art fair format and an alternative to the white cube environment of standard fairs, POPPOSITIONS holds an itinerant initiative within Brussels, remobilising location to each edition. 

After the station Bruxelles Congrès and the former brewery site of Brass, the favored place to host the 2014 edition is the former Dexia Art Center, a remarkable building in the center of Brussels which will temporarily be welcoming the Belgian modern art collection in a near future. “Beyond its central position and its history, it is also a good challenge for us as it resembles to an exhibition space. Whereas last year we were dealing with a complicated building full of machineries and old staircases and corridors, we now need to build a scenography around a straight-forward ready-made exhibition hall” says  POPPOSITIONS’ co-founder Liv Vaisberg. “This year’s new building is quite symptomatic of our discourse. We also enlarge our concept to be an assembly of hybrid spaces, and not only pop-up spaces. We made a slight shift showing progress in our reflections and position ourself as a reunion or assembly of structures, being commercial or non-commercial.” 

Cimatics, BE

Cimatics, BE

Out of the 60 application packs received from all over the world, only 20 of them were selected by a panel of six curators (Guillaume Bleret, Patrick Carpentier, Matteo Lucchetti, Samuel Saelemakers, Pieter Vermeulen and Bart Verschueren) and made it to the final list of participants. The artworks exhibited include paintings, pictures, installations, video and audio creations. ArtyCity particularly enjoyed the production by Hannes Bernard (from Les Commissaires Anonymes) “The end times”, an economic report on the cultural production of the southern hemisphere, challenging the question whether destitution could be a creative outcome for the renewal of the western culture.


Les Commissaires Anonymes, FR

Throughout the weekend, three panel talks will take place and also broadcasted online: they will question cynicism as an inevitable survival strategy in the art world of today, the possibilities and challenges of self-organised entities in the arts, and the future perspectives of collecting both on public and private level. Talking about money, POPPOSITIONS is an inspiring example showing that with good ideas, hard work and collaborative spirit is indeed possible to put in place a project that guarantees both the quality of the participants’ work being shown as well free admission for visitors who wish to share that experience. With a view of maintaining its independent – fair status, POPPOSITIONS launched a kisskissbankbank crowfunding campaign, which allowed them to reach their goal of 5,000 euro within just two months.


On 24-27 April 2014 visit POPPOSITIONS at Dexia Art Center at Rue de l’Ecuyer 50 Schildknaapstraat – 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Photos from last year edition here

Spring is in the air – Hopla!

Another lovely afternoon in the city of Brussels. Place St. Catherine is heaving with people, all smiley and cheerful. Mothers are proudly watching kids making their first moves on a trapeze; a group of boys are enjoying cold beers while sunbathing on a bench; two Spanish girls are gossiping about the previous night out. The sun, shy but warm, observes undisturbed from above. The spring-break weekend has just started and brought with it a festive warm atmosphere: HOPLA – the circus festival is here.

© City of Brussels

© City of Brussels

Since Thursday, the Vismet district and the surroundings of Sint-Katelijneplein offer a stage for acrobatic performances, tightrope processions, clowns, jugglers, and much more. And the show still goes on until tomorrow. RasOTerrA Company will show how to pedal in the air – in their show “the flying whale“, the trio will challenge the rules of gravity. See to believe. “Coup de foudre”, lovestruck, is what happens when you find unexpected love; Lisa Da Boit from  Teatro Pachuco will perform the magical tricks, the poetry without words, and all the secrets that characterise the fascinating journey of finding love.


© City of Brussels

Don’t miss the opportunity of being entertained by some inspiring art shows while enjoying some good weather, a fresh drink and a walk in the heart of the city. Hopla – Spring is in the air!

© City of Brussels

© City of Brussels

Check the full program here.